User Guide


Trading with ETHoutlet is simple. Here is the detailed process to walk you through the use of ETHoutlet service.


Step 1: Register an account

You can register an account with ETHoutlet by using your secured email address.


Step 2: Verify your email

ETHoutlet will send you a welcome email with verification link. Simply click the link for email address verification.


Step 3: Start trading with Education Tier

ETHoutlet allows you to buy or sell cryptocurrency for utility use. Once you registered an account, you will automatically be granted trading access for Education Tier. You can go to “Trade” section to determine your acceptable price for buy or sell, and to submit order request.


Step 4: Deposit & Coupon Code Redemption

Once you submit the order, you need to deposit HKD or the relevant cryptocurrency within 60 minutes in order to fulfill the order. Simply go to “Deposit” section and select your deposit method. There is a step-by-step guide for you to complete the process. ETHoutlet will verify your deposit request, once it is approval, your order will be automatically settled and you will receive a notification email. Refresh the page and you should able to see the new balance of your account.

“Coupon Code” will be emailed to you if you qualify for the entitlements specified in our irregular marketing and promotion campaigns. To redeem Coupon, simply go to “Deposit”  section, and enter the Coupon Code in the “Redeem Coupon Code” section. The entitlement will be immediately credited into your account. Refresh the page to see the deposit and coupon redemption records.


Step 5: Withdrawal

You can then raise a withdrawal request by adding your withdrawal method, for example your bank account details or your cryptocurrency wallet address. Once the withdrawal request is approved, ETHoutlet will settle the amount to your designated withdrawal method in the same day. You can track the status via “Transactions” section. Alternatively, you can also verify the transactions through your bank account online system or your cryptocurrency wallet for the transaction details.


Optional: User Tier Upgrade/Promote

You can raise a user tier upgrade request by submitting your KYC information in the Verification page. Check User Tiers & Fees section for the details.


Optional: User Support

You can contact us via or whatsapp our CS team for assistance.