User Tiers and Fees

User Tier

Requirements Education Account Personal Account Professional Trader Account
Verify Email Y Y Y
Identity Documents Y Y
Address Proof Y Y
Source of Fund Declaration Y Y
Proof of Fund (e.g. Bank account statement) Y

Deposit/Withdrawal Limit

Daily Limit Tier 1
Education Account
(Not Verified)
Tier 2Personal Account(Verified) Tier 3Professional Trader Account
HKD(buy/sell) Account Lifetime
HKD 1,000
HKD 100,000
Daily HKD 200,000equivalent

No Fee*

You pay what you see from the price quote and enjoy our exchange service. The quote will be valid for a period of time. You can always get a new quote. ETHoutlet doesn’t charge any fees on top of the quote. *For cryptocurrency transaction, sender pays for the gas/miner fee.