Project Introduction

ALAX is a Mobile Game Distribution Platform based on blockchain technology with the intention
of bringing fresh air to the gaming industry around the world. DECENT envision to bring games
to everyone including people that are unbanked (over 2 billion according to Findex), but have
access to cash and 3G/LTE smartphones. Their aim is to provide a platform for content creators
and gamers alike.

Customers will be able to access the ALAX Store using an application that will provide
blockchain functionality. While content providers will have access to the ALAX Android SDK
allowing them to include a range of features such as in-app purchases, rewards and more.
During the TGE, ALAX generated ALX tokens. These tokens can be then exchanged for AIA
tokens, which can be used in the ALAX store. They are offered to end users via internal
exchange or using an existing reseller network of brick and mortar stores and mobile operators.


ALAX Store – The game app store wherein users can download free and paid games. Premium games and in-app purchases can be bought by AIA tokens.

ALAX Pay – Is the go to dedicated wallet app to store and transfer ALX and AIA tokens. Use the app to purchase and convert ALX to AIA tokens (with a limited 10% bonus when converting). One way conversion insures users are able to securely purchase games and in-app purchases

ALAX SDK – Allows in-app purchases and other payments with AIA tokens on your own games.

ALAX Merchant – The app for store keepers who retail ALAX tokens! The ALAX Merchant app allows customers to scan a merchant’s QR code to top up their account. After the app approves the transaction, a customer’s wallet is topped up with the value encoded in the QR code.



  • Tradable and available on public exchange
  • Value is determined by the movement of public market
  • ALX is convertible for 10% more AIA by converting them via ALAX Pay or ALAX Store


  • The AIA token is used directly on the ALAX Store to purchase content
  • Value is pegged to USD
  • End users can use FIAT currencies to obtain AIA tokens

Token Information

ALX and AIA is a cryptocurrency tokens and operates on DECENTs’ DCore blockchain.

Current Supply: 1,000,000,000 ALX

ALX in Circulation: 20,757,685 ALX

Price: 0.0000917 USD

Change in 24H: 0.70%

Exchanges: Coinbene

(Data as of 4 November, 2019

Company History

DECENT has created an innovative and customizable adaptation of blockchain technology, called DCore. Their blockchain takes advantage of the Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm for fast, energy efficient transactions with native protocols for file sharing and decentralized storage rewards. This functionality, plus the strong cryptography and trustless transactions native to blockchains, will allow DCore to revolutionize the way digital items are exchanged worldwide. DCore is an open source solution for companies looking to fast-track their own blockchain-based ideas.

On January 2018, DECENT started the founding of ALAX and became a subsidiary company that is based on Vietnam with the intention to eliminate the problems found for both developers and users in the gaming world.

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ALAX Store
ALAX Merchant

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